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ACARD’s dual 2.5-inch RAID 1 enclosure, slim but hungry for power

ACARD’s Mirror Smart Mini RAID 1 hard drive enclosure
If you’re looking for a slim case, just to hold two hard drives to put up a RAID 1 array, the ACARD’s Mirror Smart Mini will be the RAID case you need.

The device is a slim enclosure that can hold two 2.5 inch SATA hard drives side by side only. The device allows you to map the two drives as a hardware-based RAID 1 array or it can be configured as a separate drives. Having the two drives configured as RAID 1 or mirroring gives you better sense of security for your data. At any time one hard drive is crushed, you’ll still be able to retrieve the data as they all have been mirrored to the other hard drive.

The device connects to your computer’s USB port. But unfortunately, it seems to be little hungry for power as it needs to be powered from an external power via the included AC adapter. Indeed, it’ll be good use for those who’ve been traveling around and want better security for their data that are being highly exposed to damages resulted by knocks.

Buy online, Acard, $69

via [engadget]

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