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DuoSIM D2 adapter converts your existing phone into a dual-SIM phone in minutes

DuoSIM D2 adapter converts cell phone into dual sim phone
I seem to have told you many goodies that you can get from a dual SIM phone. You know you can have it to help handle two calls simultaneously, having one SIM card dedicated for your family, the other for your customers and also for…..

Okay, enough, I know now you should know more than I do what the benefits that you can get from a dual SIM cell phone. Of course, if you want a dual SIM cellphone, you’ll need to fork out more from your pocket to get a new cellphone for yourself. But if you want a quick and cheap solution, and you do not wish to throw your existing cellphone away, there is always a cheaper alternative out there.

Here comes the DuoSim D2, which is a universal dual SIM card adapter that will provide you the dual SIM card solution for your existing cellphone. The DUOSIM D2 adapter can virtually fit with every GSM and 3G mobile phone, which almost every phone has sufficient space to accommodate it. You don’t need to have any cutting of your SIM cards to get it to fit the two cards.

Installation is straightforward, just install your two SIM cards on the D2 adapter. And then insert the adapter to your handset and put the battery and the cover back, voila, now your handset can let you have two SIM cards with two different numbers.

DuoSIM after reboot and having chosen the SIM from the menu, you can always switch to the other SIM card from the menu
Oopps, sorry, I missed out an important step i.e. you need to reboot your cellphone. And after completing the booting process, you’ll need to select from the menu for which SIM card you wanna use. And it’s always switchable between the two SIM cards even your phone is online. But, apparently, this D2 dual SIM adapter isn’t like the Samsung dual SIM phone that can handle two calls simultaneously. It can only let you use one SIM card at one time. But you can switch to use any of them without needing to open your battery cover to swap the SIM card. In fact, it’s a quick and cheaper solution to carry dual SIMs on your phone.

Dual SIM D2 adapter

Buy online, $15-$28,

via [redferret]

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