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Steampunk LCD monitor

Another steampunk-treated gadget - steampunk LCD monitor
More gadgets or computers are getting steampunk treatment. We’ve seen couple of them, we had the steampunk laptop, the steampunk PC. And now, it’s been extended to the LCD monitor, we now have the steampunk LCD monitor from the famous steampunk modder, Datamancer.

The steampunk LCD monitor is just a compliment for the modder’s brass keyboards. It’s 22-inch widescreen LCD. The frame is solid 1/4-inch brass that has been sanded and polished to make it sparking shine. The base features a mixture of brass and black marble and it has a small brass-made cord holder for the convenience of keeping the power and cord tidy.

The modder claims that he made this steampunk set is for the sack of an upcoming movie. And he’s gonna make a steampunk mouse too, to make it up as a complete set. He plans to put it up on eBay after the filming is complete, so someone who bids for the highest price can own it. For steampunk gadget lovers, keep your eyes on it or subscribe to the modder’s mailing list to stay ahead of bidding for it once it gets on eBay.

Steampunk LCD 22-inch LCD monitor back view


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