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Nokia 5800 Xpress Media – Is it the Nokia Tube?

The Nokia Tube is Nokia 5800 XpressMedia ? Is it an iPhone killer, having touchscreen but doesn’t support iPhone’s multitouch
There seems to be clearer information about the Nokia Tube now. And it’s been associated with a model which is called Nokia 5800 XpressMedia phone. What is shown to you in the picture above is this Nokia 5800 XpressMedia tube phone.

The Nokia 5800 tube is said to carry the following specs:

* Quad-Band GSM (850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 Mhz),
EDGE/UMTS/HSDPA connectivity
* 3.2 inch 640×360 px (16:9 ratio) 16M color touchscreen display
* 3.2 Megapixel camera with autofocus
* Wi-Fi, GPS and Bluetooth 2.0
* 140 MB of internal memory
* 3.5 mm headphone jack
* TV-Out
* Dimensions: 111×52×14.5mm
* Weight: 104g

The specs seem not so impressive that could kill an iPhone. And of course it clearly states that this tube phone supports 3G UMTS/HSDPA that current generation of iPhone doesn’t have. But the 3.2 Megapixel camera doesn’t sound that impressive compared to various latest models of phones in the market.

The Nokia 5800 XpressMedia sports tactile feedback. And again a little disappointment that this phone doesn’t carry the multi-touch feature that is found on Apple iPhone. Yes, it’s got a big touchscreen but it’s some kind that is commonly found on LG, Samsung, HTC, Asus and many other cell phones.

Overall, you can only say that this phone is the move of Nokia to extend its Xpress Music phones beyond music only. The Nokia 5800 XpressMedia is an optimized new handset that provides wider coverage of media, including high quality video. Besides, there is nothing to get excited about this phone, it wouldn’t be any flagship phone like the Nokia N95 that would create big wave.

Internationl unlocked version of Nokia 5800 Xpress (Black/Blue) is available at Amazon for a price of $550

Or the red and unlocked version is also available for a price of $590 at Amazon.

via [UnwiredView]

3 Responses to “Nokia 5800 Xpress Media – Is it the Nokia Tube?”

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    godwin Says:

    tooo expensive

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