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Sims 3 : coming in 2009

Sims 3 - a complete new Sims virtual world gaming for PC coming in 2009
Sims – the best selling virtual world PC game has now got an entirely new version – the Sims 3. The Sims 3 features a completely new engine which took the game developers almost three years to complete.

Sims 3 is best for geeks who’re reluctant to step out of the house, allowing you to be entirely immersed in the virtual world of your PC delivered by Sims 3. The Sims 3 will be much more lively than the previous versions, such as game characters within will have more realistic personalities and better interactions among neighborhood.

The initially reported feature-set including the new seamless, open neighborhood, new Create A Sim, new realistic personalities and new unlimited customization. The Sims 3 is getting its official launch globally in 2009. Attached below are more images of the characters and the virtual environment shown in Sims 3.

Sims 3 - the character now with more realistic personality

Sims 3 - virtual world gaming

Sims 3 - the street - open neighborhood


32 Responses to “Sims 3 : coming in 2009”

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  1. 21
    Silly Tiff Says:

    I just want to say that i want the SIMS3 to be on PSP ans PlayStation2~ And the game Looks HOT!!!!!!!!!! Can’t wait to play it~ :]

  2. 22
    Silly Tiff Says:

    I want this game now~ Cant wait~

  3. 23
    sims mad Says:

    i cant wait for sims to come out im sims mad and to be honest i have all the sims games on my pc so i think ill be one of the first to get my hand on sims three.
    i kind of want to know if there will be extention packs of sims 3 comimg out round about the time of the origanal game?
    o well im off to play sims 2 and if thats good i cant wait to see what the sims three will be like.

  4. 24
    Putra Cullen Says:

    It’s Awesome!
    I very want’it …….
    How I can get The sims 3 in my Computer??
    It’s Imposible

  5. 25
    Happy New Year 2009 by Gadget, shop online blog of Says:

    [...] are as follows: 1. LG Voyager – first phone offers iPhone like touchscreen 2. Painless Tattoo 3. SIMS 3 coming in 2009 4. Olympus Micro Four Thirds camera mock-up 5. Life On Mars – NASA captured a female alien 6. [...]

  6. 26
    @lexxis Says:

    I love the sims!!! I never played sims 1 more than 2 hours I am kind of sick of sims 2 because you limited on one lot at a time. I cannot wait for sims 3 !!! ! ! ! Its gonna be in stores Feb. 20 2009!!! Thats to long from now! Find me on myspace at ……………..

    ~ ~

  7. 27
    @lexxis Says:

    If you want ant sims 2 cheats just contact me on myspace because I know a lot of good ones:)


  8. 28
    Mark Says:

    Can’t wait, will be an amazing game.

  9. 29
    addicted Says:

    i’ve been with the sims from the start and wasted a lot of money, but with pleasure. they just kept coming out with new ones! now they’ve got an even better version and i can’t possibly wait! i’m going to walmart january 2nd and i will be a happy camper once more. xD

  10. 30
    simmy Says:

    As soon as i heard about the sims 3, i got overly excited about it and pre-odered! And thankfully i will be on a long summer holiday so that is what i’l be doing pretty much through out the whole summer lol…Can’t wait till it arrives, should be great fun!

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