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Maid computer case mod

The French maid PC case - A blood raising computer case mod
This should be the strangest PC case mod that I’ve seen. Of course, it’s definitely loved by those having very unique taste. This Maid PC case mod as what the name tells is a PC case mod made exactly like the waist to the upper thigh part of a maid.

As I said, it’s clearly for those having very unique taste, who’ve been fancying about a French maid. This M4125 maid PC case mod is pretty expensive to own, which costs you around $500. It’s a PC case designed to fit a Mini-ITX motherboard and compatible components, which are not included in your purchase.

This Mini-ITX compatible case is made within the hips and legs. You have a choice for one or two maid skirts too – options for different lace patterns and colors for your maid’s skirt and stockings.

If you have a very special and unique taste of fancying a French maid, then spend $500 and grab this case mod. Have your DIY work and insert the necessary Mini-ITX compatible components into it to build the blood-raisng computer for yourself. Too bad the manual is only available in Japanese, which you’ll probably need to hire a translator in order to complete this DIY project.

Maid PC case Specifications:

• Mini-ITX motherboard dedicated PC case
• Hard disk: 3” x 3.5”
• CD drives: 1 slim type
• Choice of Original or Maid Station versions.
• Manual: Japanese

Buy online, Kilian-nakamura, $499

via [Gizmodo]

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