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Delkin ImageRouter Card Reader connects multiple CF cards

Delkin ImageRouter Card Reader connects multiple CF cards
The little frustration of some heavy photo shooters would be having to wait and swap CF (Compact Flash) cards to a computer for downloading images after their shooting. Now, Delkin has got a new product that will ease the job of downloading your images from your CF cards to your computer, without needing you to wait and swap one by one. The new product from Delkin is called ImageRouter, which the specialty is it can take multiple CF cards and allows the transfer from all these CF cards simultaneously to your computer.

In speed wise, the ImageRouter does not transfer your images any faster. A single ImageRouter allows you to insert 4 CF cards to it for transferring. But if this is not enough, you can buy more than one ImageRouter and daisy-chain them up to let you have more CF cards loaded on it. Such as two ImageRouters can take up to 8 CF cards and transfer the images on them simulteneously to your computer.

Anyway, some guess that there would be some limitation with the ImageRouter, which you could mostly have up to three daisy-chained together. As more will most likely degrade the performance. One ImageRouter connected to your computer’s USB 2.0 port, gives a read speed of 19MB/sec. Having two daisy-chained will have the read speed dropped slightly to 17MB/sec and the write speed is about 15MB/sec.

The ImageRouter card reader will be made available in April and retail for a price of at $149. You can also purchase a utility software, called BackupandBurn software, in a bundle for $249, which helps with automatically routing and naming files during the transfer.

Product Page, Delkin

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