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Wireless charging solution: Magnetic inductive charging for Windows mobiles

Splashpower magnetic inductive charger wirelessly charges your Windows mobile phonesMWG will produce Windows mobile phones or PDAs that can be charged wirelessly via magnetic induction. And they target to ship the wirelessly chargeable devices by mid 08. Basically, the technology used is similar to the one used in portable toothbrushes, provided by U.K.-based Splashpower.

The picture shows a charging plate which users have to place the mobiles on it for charging them wirelessly. Similar to electric toothbrushes, inductive power sends current obtained from a wall adapter through a coil in a charging unit. As current flows through the coil, it generates a magnetic field, which in turn induces a current to flow to the receiving coil in the toothbrush handle.

Splashpower says its inductive charger can deliver up to 850mA of current, at up to 8.5 Volts. It’s got capability to detect the legitimate devices to avoid misuse. And most importantly, it ain’t affect or erase any magnetic media, interfere with any equipments such as pacemakers. The inductive charger allows multiple devices to be charged on it at once and gives short charging period.


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    Mobiles Says:

    Is this already out in the market? That would be one convenient thing to have.

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