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Life On Mars: Nasa captured a female alien waving her hand, could be waiting for a bus….

Life On Mars - female alien could be waiting for a bus!
Couple of photos captured and sent by the Nasa’s Mars explorer vehicle, Earth by Spirit on Mars’ surface, might indicate there are life forms on the red planet.

Look at the picture attached above, looks like a female figure is sitting on a rock with her arm outstretched – she could be waiting for a bus. More pictures attached below!

The Mars explorer vehicle had landed Mars four years ago and been going around to capture images and send back to Earth. The pictures have created some buzz over the Internet.

Some say that it could be naked aliens running around, but some believe that is simply an optical illusion caused by a landscape, which I also believe so.

Initial inspection shows nothing unusual, but after having a zoom to have a closer examination by amateur astronomers has thrown up these intriguing pictures.

Life On Mars, the spot shows where the female alien is!

Life On Mars - Nasa’s Mars explorer vehicle, Earth by Spirit


Skull found on Mars - some say this is skull found on Mars!
This post has triggered little discussion here. Some even talk about humanoid skull captured by NASA on Mars, I’ve also attached the two pictures that show something that looks like a rock, but is said as a humanoid skull. Is that really a humanoid skull? Take a closer look at the one below that has it zoomed closer.

This could be a piece of rock, but suspected as humanoid skull found on Earth!
[Picture Source]

And also video….


279 Responses to “Life On Mars: Nasa captured a female alien waving her hand, could be waiting for a bus….”

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  1. 271
    kevin Says:

    its a FAKE..!!

  2. 272
    alisya Says:

    i believe it because allah my god can do anything

  3. 273
    AZB Says:

    I figured this out!!! Look at this picture I drew on paint and you will see too!
    Its not a life form, its the shaded part of a large rock that is disguised by the Marshan surface.

  4. 274
    AZB Says:

    Take a look at this. It explains the whole misunderstanding.

  5. 275
    bigslonga Says:

    this is fake like your mums tits you fucken dick heads

  6. 276
    Ocl Says:

    It is so real!!!!!!!!!!!! It is not a statue or illusion anybody who thinks it is is wrong!!!!!!!!!!

  7. 277
    Xaleradn Says:

    it is clearly a rock…..who ever made that paint drawing has a GREAT eye…….no dont jump on it as a fake…..just a misscomunication……I myself am open to just about anything really….but yep a rock

  8. 278
    MrShineoGlobin Says:

    U knw wat.. I cant beleive it I can But i cant.. I will only believe tht If NASA captures a clip of it moving.. Our god Allah May also create such aliens but we cannot say its alive without video proof. Its just like the mermaids [ its real]

  9. 279
    mayson esmett Says:

    lol if u look on the bbc news forum about this every 1 thinks its fake…
    but y is it so hard to beleive tht aliens are out there i mean were here arent we y cant other life forms be created the same way ours was i agree with mrshieneogolbin we do need video footage to confirm but i do still beleive that life is out there and they are the same as us only not if tht makes sense atropos would not create life on one planet and not on atother

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