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Domino USB flash drive: The dots show how much data you have!

Domino-shaped USB flash drive: The dots show how much data you have!
I definitely love the idea that USB flash drive can tell its space left in a more straightforward way without the need to hook it up to the computer for a check.

Previously, we’ve seen the Spongebob blowfish USB flash drive, which turns from Spongebob into a blowfish once it gets full. Of course that was still a concept. And now, we have another concept here, by Brazilian designer Marcos Breder, which is a USB flash drive shaped like domino. And the best of this domino shaped drive is it tells you how many gigs of data it’s got by using its dots.

Each dot on it represents a gig of data residing within. A dot shows up every time you load a gig of data on it. It’s definitely an handy piece, which just needs a glance, you’ll know how many gigs of data you’ve stored in it. Too bad, it’s still a concept which still remains unknown whether it’ll get materialized or not.

Domino-shaped USB flash drive

via [DVICE]

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