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Lobster eye-inspired gun, LEXID, can peek through walls!

Lobster eye-inspired gun, LEXID, can see through walls!
Here comes a gun that is definitely loved by the best assassin of the year. It’s a gun that can let you see through walls and easily kill anyone that you intend to kill! The gun is still a prototype, by the company Physical Optics Corporation. The gun is built based on lobster eyes which can see through in murky waters.

The gun is called LEXID, which stands for Lobster Eye X-ray Imaging Device. Using it, you can see through wood, concrete and even steel by beaming X-rays, and then focus on the reflection of objects to fire. The image will be shown on a small screen.

The price is unknown as it’s still a prototype, but the the creators hope to make it cheap enough for exterminators and contractors to purchase and use. Please note, the capability of seeing through walls not necessary to be used on weapons. It’s got useful commercial applications such as used in pest control, built into a gun for shooting pesticide instead of bullet. But, while used in weapons, this will definitely bring some trouble to the society.

via [Engadget]

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  1. 11
    s seamon Says:

    am a victim of a neighbor with a Lexid and have been viewed for almost a year. does anyone know of a way to block the view of a pervert with this device?

  2. 12
    Lobbie Says:

    UH, what do you think someone could see? seriously, that’s some paranoid ass shit man.

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