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Cordless slide and negative to digital picture converter

Are you having several boxes of those old and dusty 35 mm cordless slides and film negatives? Here is a device that is handy enough to help you convert all your negatives into digital pictures. Which you can then upload those digital copies to flickr for better storage instead of keeping couple of dusty boxes that take up lots of space.

It’s pretty easy to use, just place slides and negatives into a tray that aligns each properly. The converter is alos equipped with a 2.5-inch TFT color display that lets you view what’s going on during the scanning. Touch the button, in just about 3 to 5 seconds, the slide/negative will then get scanned into a JPEG file .

The device also has an SD memory card slot, which lets you insert a memory card to store the digitized slides. A 4GB memory card is able to store up to 5,000 pictures.

The converter has a 9 MP CMOS sensor which is able to scan up to a resolution of 3328 x 2216. It also has other technologies including automatic exposure control, and color balance to produce clear digital images without loss of colors.

The device can operate in a complete cordless manner as it can be operated on its built-in rechargeable battery, which is rechargeable via USB or AC power source and provides up to 400 conversions on a single full charge.

It comes with a USB cable, which you can just plug it to your PC’s USB port for transferring scanned images to a PC running Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7. Where can you get one? This slide converter can be purchased from Hammacher for $160 each

Other similar slide converters in the market.

The Veho VFS-002 ColorBright slide scanner is a similar product, which comes equipped with the ColorBright technology that promises better clarity of image.

The Veho VFS-002 ColorBright negative/slide scanner will scan 110mm and 35mm films and negative slides onto your Mac and PC via USB port. But it does not have a microSD card slot, so it must be tethered to your computer for scanning.

The Veho scanner also comes equipped with multi-directional insert tray flaps and faster one touch scanning. It’s plug and play, needs no driver. The ColorBright technology also automatically increases the clarity of scanned images.

It shouldn’t have any problem to transform your old and faded negatives and films into bright, crisp and clean digital images. The Veho scanner is available on for about £40 each

Slide 2 PC - slide and negative to digital converter
The Ion Audio Slides 2 PC works similarly, which connects to your PC via the USB port. It’s got a special rail which houses multiple 35mm slides or a strip of negatives that allows you to read, scan and save all at one time.

The device has a 5-megapixel sensor which shall produce high-res digital pictures that are up to your standard. It’s also equipped with a four-glass optic element, together with the built-in exposure control and color correction functionalities, it minimizes the hassle of post-scan touchups. The device costs you only $90 on, which isn’t too expensive at all for bringing all your precious old pictures back to life.

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    Compact photo scanner – Plustek SmartPhoto P60 Says:

    [...] is called the SmartPhoto P60, which is a lightweight and compact scanner that allows to you scan or digitize your photos and transfer them to your laptop or upload to Facebook and other photo-sharing sites. The device is [...]

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    Jesper Bonde Petersen Says:

    Also check out a fully automatic version at

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    GeoOT Says:

    From my point of view, this beast was not worth the trouble. I can do just as well or better with a slide projector, tripod and camera. Once you do a little fussing around for set up you get a decent reproduction and then clicking through a tray of slides goes quite quickly. Pay some attention to the white surface you use for projection.

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